Friday, December 22, 2017

Book Review: Sita's Sister (Kavita Kane) The Forgotten Enchantress in Ramayana

"Will deserting your wife and serving your brother make your more noble? Then, let me hate you for that. Let me hate you for the forthcoming fourteen years-that endless chasm you have driven between us" 
(Sita' Sister; Kavita Kane)

What would you do if your husband chooses his brother over you? 
How will your bear the pain of being left out by your husband at a completely unfamiliar place? 
Why should you wait for 14 long years for his return when he did not love you enough to leave you?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Book Review: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness- Or is it?

It was in the summer of 2003, I read God of Small Things and fell in love with it instantly. Ammu, Estha, Rahel and Velutha became a part of me and the novel set standard for my choice of books in the years to come. Even after 10 years of reading it, I clearly remembered every instance, character and even some dialogues. (I first heard of Elvis Presley from Rahel and how the shrubs 'communist pacha' got its name in Kerala). Nonetheless to say, I was smitten by the plot, characters and also the picturesque Meenachal river through GoST.

Coming to this summer of 2017, I finally bought the book and read it all over once again. I could sense the difference I felt as teenager and now as the middle aged woman reading it. My take on the entire incestuous relationship and even the moral conflict in Ammu-Velutha relationship had changed drastically. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Review: Glitter and Gloss

Book: Glitter and Gloss
Author: Vibha Batra
Price: Rs.147
Genre: Romance

Meet Misha, an aspiring make-up artist with some major identity issues. Her beau, Akshay, is an Indian version of Christian Grey (sans the kinky part, of course). The novel is all about how they fall in love in the most clichéd way and how their love surpasses all the (quintessential) hurdles that happens in a love story. 

Though the novel at times look like a direct rip-off of 'You are Here' by Meenkashi Reddy Madhavan, featuring identity issues, divorced parents with a bohemian lifestyle, dick-head exes, a smart-ass bestie, and weakness for rum; the similarities end in the first half - and that's when the story attains a soul of its own. 
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