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If You Are, So Am I...

I suddenly woke up from a pleasant dream with a jerk. 
I could hear the rustle of utensils from kitchen, and the rhythm of grinding coconut. 
When I got hold of the mobile phone and checked the time, it was barely 5.30 am. Wonder why mom is awake so early! 
I have to leave at eight thirty and this is too early to start cooking considering her expertise and speed.

Wearing a Cocktail Dress; What Not To Do!

You are planning to wear a dashing cocktail dress and would surely want to make the heads turn with it. 
The dress would definitely add a sense of class and style for your personality. During the cocktail party, you would surely don’t want to come across any hitches in the attire. 
Here are certain things that you should not do while wearing a cocktail dress.

The main attraction of cocktail dress is that it allows you to make a remarkable fashion statement. It offers you the chance to become the center of attraction during the event. Hence it has become necessary to keep in mind certain things before you set out for the party.This is a mistake generally committed by everyone. It can be a challenge for every girl in a sexy cocktail dress as she has to manage her legs properly. You need to be more conscious while talking a seat with the position of your legs. This is important because if it’s not proper, you would end up revealing too much.

The Radiance of Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

There is indeed something about a rock on your finger that shines no matter which way you may look at it. 
The sparkle of the engagement ring would outdo your smile if it is a radiant cut diamond. 
The beauty of the radiant cut is that they offer both a unique style and classic sparkle. Moreover it is available in multiple shapes so that there is no need to settle on round or rectangle. Since there is a number of shapes available, couple would find it difficult to land on a decision. The possibilities would seem endless with the array of settings available.

Weight Loss Programs For Women With PCOD

Studies reveal that one out of four women has Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) and weight loss has been suggested as a first line treatment. 
Even though they have been constantly told by their care providers that they must lose weight, overweight women with POCD find it really difficult to bring in results. 
The nature of the very disease is weight gain and this conspires against them by making the task without a solution. There is no one shot, however, weight loss center would make the aim more attainable.

Time And Again

Memories. That’s all we have in the end. Sweet and sour. Just memories that hold us to the past and makes us to move on. A single instant can evoke a lot of memories in us. Each day, each hour, each minute, each second leaves a memory.

Krishna Priya was gazing at her own photos in album. She looked very petite and horrible. She laughed hysterically at herself. Its actually fun to laugh at oneself. She suddenly felt sorry for her. Pity for the ugly child in yellow skirt and green blouse. Urged by a feeling she looked at the fat and round figure which has evolved from the thin fragile child in the picture.She felt relieved that her husband has never seen that nightmarish look of hers. He would have fainted for sure.

I Am What I Am!

I am just an ordinary girl.

I am down when i lose

And I envy others when they win

I throw tantrums and i may cry

And often; I back bite.

To Know A Little More

Smile. Handshake. Embrace.

There are reasons to love.
Feelings that lie beneath;
Craving for concern;
Shock by the betrayal;
And one moment that takes everything away. 

Found Inside a Clutching Fist

"I am bored" she said, with stress on each word that clearly showed that she was bored.

"That is because you don't engage yourself. You just sit and think and do nothing else. Anyone will be bored in this case". He was buttoning his shirt. She maintained a lying posture in the bed and kept looking at him.She watched his fingers carefully at his fingers that moved so fast. ' Who must have invented the buttons?' She thought.

"Do one thing... try applying for some job. Then you wont be bored" His hands now busy tucking the shirt. "But i 'll get bored with the job very last time.. I want to do something very interesting..."