Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Review: Glitter and Gloss

Book: Glitter and Gloss
Author: Vibha Batra
Price: Rs.147
Genre: Romance

Meet Misha, an aspiring make-up artist with some major identity issues. Her beau, Akshay, is an Indian version of Christian Grey (sans the kinky part, of course). The novel is all about how they fall in love in the most clichéd way and how their love surpasses all the (quintessential) hurdles that happens in a love story. 

Though the novel at times look like a direct rip-off of 'You are Here' by Meenkashi Reddy Madhavan, featuring identity issues, divorced parents with a bohemian lifestyle, dick-head exes, a smart-ass bestie, and weakness for rum; the similarities end in the first half - and that's when the story attains a soul of its own. 
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