Monday, December 27, 2010

If You Are, So Am I...

I suddenly woke up from a pleasant dream with a jerk. 

I could hear the rustle of utensils from kitchen, and the rhythm of grinding coconut. 

When I got hold of the mobile phone and checked the time, it was barely 5.30 am. Wonder why mom is awake so early! 

I have to leave at eight thirty and this is too early to start cooking considering her expertise and speed.
“Amma, why are you awake so early?”

No reply. Maybe she didn’t hear my sleepy voice.

“AMMAAA..CAN YOU HEAR ME?” I shouted in a high pitched voice. Still no reply!

I got up from the bed in a haste to go and ask her in the kitchen. Once I put on the lights, I realized that I am crying. It was not mom, but the hostel cook grinding coconut in the kitchen. It was not my cozy bedroom at home but the rusty hostel bed. I was not at the comforts of my home but almost 600 kilometers away from it.

Oh.. I am terribly homesick! ;(


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