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Enjoy Free Wi-Fi At Airports By Protecting Your Connection

You are into business that requires frequent travel across states and continents. While taking your business class flights, you would surely require keeping a track of your work progress. 

Thanks to technology; now you would not be lost in the ongoing business process as there are many technological innovations. Yes, this means internet and Wi-Fi. For many business class travelers, airport authorities are adding free Wi-Fi high speed internet access as an amenity. Usually the access is limited to specified terminals or waiting lounges while there are some places where there is access in the entire airport. Besides many airline line clubs provide their own free access.
Google has kick started the free Wi-Fi program at 54 airports and on every Virgin American flight from this year. For United Airline the service is limited to the airline’s 27 red carpet club and for international first class lounge members. The members of 22 Presidents club locations in major airports around USA would be given free internet access by Continental airlines.

Now you must be drooling over the prospect of free Wi-Fi while you are waiting for your business class airlines. It is indeed a great way to save and the courtesy should be given to Google for offering it. However there is also a negative side to this. Free internet access means it is a golden chance for despicable hackers and thieves to prey on naive travelers.

Since the public places like airport lounges are notoriously insecure important information that you transmit via laptop, smart phones etc would reach the wrong destination. However there are some hot spot safety tips for ensuring no hardship en route.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi device is configured to not automatically connect to an open network but only with your approval. So you would aware whenever you are connected to an open network. Ensure the safety of handsets as they are more prone to auto configuration. 

Mostly the laptops would be connected to a shared network on some other PCs which would be kept at home or workplace. So it is essential to disable sharing while connecting to public hot spot. Better use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) if you are sharing sensitive information which would have an encrypted, private link. 

It is always best to use a personal firewall which comes with a range of configurations. Well, it is not a good idea to pay bills and shop online at a hotspot. If it is a necessary, better do it over a VPN connection.

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