Friday, January 7, 2011

Celebrities and Their Love for Platinum Engagement Rings

Many people tend to imitate the trends and styles set by the celebrities and this is the same with engagement rings. 

Celebrity engagement rings are a hot source of inspiration for new and innovative engagement ring designs. The platinum engagement rings are the popular trend this season and it is quite easy for non celebrity couples to adapt it in their own distinctive style.

Michael O’Connor, the jewelry and style expert who has had a good hand at celebrity engagement rings thinks that celebrities, like most couples, like to celebrate their unions in platinum for it is universally considered the best when it comes to jewelry. Specific reasons like platinum is one of the most durable metals and is resistant to corrosion or wear makes it the best choice when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, he says. 

This means that platinum can be worn daily and diamonds in the ring would be held securely. And with many people going for large diamonds in their rings, platinum has become the ultimate choice.

“Classic platinum and diamond solitaires are some of the most popular ring designs chosen by celebrities”, states Michael O’Connor. Celebrities like Jennifer Hudson and Eva Longoria-Parker have moved to a more romantic style by choosing platinum settings with micro pave settings where tiny diamonds are set all over to create a shimmering effect. 

Whereas in Beyonce’s engagement ring, micro pave work is on the sides with a split shank where the shoulders of the ring opens for intricate work. People often look up to their favorite celebrities to emulate the fashion. However it is better to look for a few details and check if the design would suit you before purchasing it, he added.

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