Friday, January 7, 2011

Isn't It The Same Always?

“If you are not interested in what I am talking, say it frankly”, I was beginning to get irritated seeing his cold replies.

“Why do you always judge my expressions wrong, I am listening to you, for heaven’s sake!” he retorted.

We were sitting in a bus and I didn’t want to attract unnecessary attention.

“Please, keep your voice down! Why are we fighting?” already the girl sitting in front of us was eavesdropping.

“I didn’t start a fight; you are the one who always judges me wrong”.

“How do I read your thoughts? When you were silent, I though you are not interested, that’s all”, I was on the verge of tears. God! For no reason tears come to my eyes and always at the wrong time.

“Ok, leave it, please, I don’t want to talk about anything now”, his voice was so irritated.

And to my surprise, without even completing the sentence, he shifted his seat to the opposite row. This is the problem with guys, I thought. They get irritated very fast and they just escape from talking. He has always done this. Whenever we have a squabble, he just leaves the scene or just keeps quiet. Such an escapist!

The bus was becoming crowded. I could only see his head and guessed he was looking out the window. What would he be thinking? I had no idea. When a relationship grows old, bitterness slowly creeps in. We were not like this before. We never had fought for silly reasons or even then we used to forget the incident so soon. But now it seems like we just need a reason to fight. I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks. I wish time just flew back and we were the old lovers once again. No fights and squabbles.

When the bus halted with a jerk, I realized it was Park, where we need to get down. I couldn’t see him in the crowd; he must have got down already. I went towards the exit, still I couldn’t find him. I got down in haste; he may be waiting for me outside. The bus went past me, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. Time was already nine thirty and the bus stop was an unpleasantly dim-lighted place. Where is he? Did he miss the stop? Both our mobiles were in his pocket. I felt completely helpless.

I didn't have any idea on what to do. We had planned to get down at Park and take a train to our house from here. But now what shall I do? Already ten minutes had passed. Where did he go? I searched for a PCO, but all were closed in this damn place. Again, tears came up. Wrong time!

Just then I saw a familiar face from distance. Thank God, it was him. Running from the other side towards the bus stop. I could see that he was so relieved to see me standing there. It may sound filmy if I say that I ran towards him; but I actually did. And in fact I ran into his open arms. He kissed my forehead and said, "Mandhabudhi, I asked you to get down at Park Town na? Why did you come up till here? I was worried when I realized that you were still in the bus”.

If it was our home, I would have surely kissed him. I felt so relieved and happy. What relevance do all the squabbles and fights have in our life when we can’t miss each other even for a second? Yes, I am indeed a Mandhabudhi as he calls me, I realized it so late!


  1. simple, lovely , interesting.

  2. Thanks hari.. well, it is a love story so gotta be lovely :)

  3. That is such a simple gesture of love. Small things matter so much. Lovely writing skill you have.. :)
    Seriously romantic..

  4. @spicy sweet : Thanks a lot. Situations bring out the romantic in us. :)

  5. Started reading because the story felt familiar. At least the beginning :D
    Nice flow.

  6. @Jaidev: Thanks for your comment. glad to know ya could connect with the story.

  7. :) happy to admit i am also a "mandhabudhi"

  8. @Anuna: Welcome to the league dear!!!

  9. awesome.. keep writing..

  10. awesome.. keep writing..


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